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Launching into 2012

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I hope that 2012 brings an era of hope, change and evolution of our species. I pray we will learn how to consume much less and when we do, much more efficiently. I imagine we will learn how to work in harmony with nature and one another. I believe music, art, trades, and sciences will be valued more than shopping malls and reality television.

Gotta dream, right? :)

Launching into 2012

Standing on the edge
Of a year and an age
Tunneling inward
Change shouts on the pages

Mother is crying
As Master is lying
“She’s yours for the taking”
Soon she’ll be shaking

Launching into 2012
Launching into 2012

Waiting on the edge
For your comet world-clock
To strike heated sparklers
In the hearts of a sweet, sleeping flock

Launching into 2012
Launching into 2012

Alive, breathing

Launching into 2012
Launching into 2012

Fit for re-tying
Master still lying
Bonds are for breaking
Soon you’ll be waking

"Launching into 2012"
by Snowflake

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