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Editors' Picks

Un Rien Suffit (1)
by Alex

French hip-hop with a hopeful message! U... (more)

ccMixter House Music (1)
by texasradiofish

Hip house anthem for ccMixter! With culi... (more)

Same Destinations (2)
by Radioontheshelf

Forget allusions to Mr. Cohen. This is ... (more)

Circus Of Life (2)
by Radioontheshelf

Circus-themed narrative set to a romanti... (more)

michael webb's hymn
by panu

Sometimes remixing is as simple as delic... (more)

Amplify the Light (2)
by raja_ffm

Amplify The Light is a musical vigil for... (more)

Hey, Mr. Sun (Finally Fall Bossa) (1)
by Siobhan Dakay

Tongue-in-cheek bossa nova theme for the... (more)

by Dan_Mantau

If you are a child of 80´s you will lov... (more)

Better Days (For Kate)
by Doxent Zsigmond

Doxent Zsigmond did a wonderful jazz mix... (more)

Redial My Heart (2)
by texasradiofish

Light jazz odyssey reminiscent of Bob Ja... (more)

Job Center Melancholy (2)
by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)

Focused instrumental jazz with a funky t... (more)

Amplify the Light (2)
by Snowflake

Heroic world music anthem glowing with s... (more)

Drugs of Choice (1)
by Hans Atom

Driven synth-pop with a timely message. ... (more)

Haze (1)
by Doxent Zsigmond

Sultry trip hop in the company of Zero 7... (more)

Unamplified (1)
by Admiral Bob

Admiral Bob's sings and plays a wonderfu... (more)

by Stefan Kartenberg

Does terrific singing set to a simple so... (more)

by Robbero

A great way to close out the summer is ... (more)

Get Out to Vote (2)
by Kara Square

One simple way to express you message cr... (more)

Out In The Rain (1)
by Speck

Hip-hop folk with a message. By blending... (more)

Deep Down In My Heart
by Radioontheshelf

"Deep Down In My Heart" is a deep warm m... (more)

Tracing My Steps (3)
by Aussens@iter

Gather 'round, it's story time! Tobias W... (more)

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